Monday, August 23, 2010

distal bicep tear

I hurt my arm today. It's a bit lame how I did it. I was at work and we're having a tent sale. We had a guest purchase a mattress and she needed help loading it into her vehicle. Our CPU guys were busy in the back so I figured I can lift a load a mattress as well as the best of them. I didn't know how wrong I was. And it was only a full size.

I reached down to lift the mattress and as I pulled it towards me I felt three distinct pops in my forearm and elbow. The pain was intense. A woman standing six foot away from me heard it pop. She asked if it was the mattress that popped or my arm. She looked pale when I told her that it was my arm.

It went into my store to fill out an accident report. I couldn't write so John filled it out for me. He then sent me to the Concentra med center. Just my luck, the one down the road from us was closed as it was Sunday. I had to drive across town to the one that was open. When I arrived I thought it was closed. There were no cars in the parking lot. When I entered there was one woman behind the counter playing on her laptop. I believe it was Warcraft. She had me fill out paperwork even though my right arm was in pain and I was having a hard time writing. She then got on the phone and call the Dr. to come into the office. I then sat for about an hour waiting. When she arrived she was clueless. I have never had a Dr. diagnosed me using a textbook. Seriously, she was flipping from page to page looking at my arm and looking at the book to decide what to do next. After pulling and yanking on my arm she decided that I needed an xray. She asked the Warcraft woman to do the xray and she said that she wasn't sure how to. After looking at her textbook she decided that she was ready. They didn't have any gowns so I was walking around without my shirt on. A bit embarrassing for a fat guy. This was the most mickey mouse medical establishment that I could imagine. I was happy to be told that I would be going to another office for my follow-up visits.

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